Historic House Moving

(Special from the Bluffton News-Banner, Sept. 6, 1997)

The historic John Grove house, built in 1891 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places has been moved from its original site at 521 West Market Street in Bluffton, Indiana, to a new location, 3.5 miles east in a beautiful rural setting on the south bank of the historic Wabash River. After preparation, the actual moving was accomplished in one day. The Grove house is the home of well-known Historic Preservation Consultant, Craig Leonard and his wife Betsy. Thousands were on hand to watch the moving of the house on a 34 wheel dolly. The route down Market Street, through the business district, and along the Wabash River, had been prepared in advance. Overhanging tree branches were trimmed to accomodate the 42 foot height of the estimated 80 ton load. Telephone cables were dropped and power lines and other cables were moved as needed.

1891 MEETS 1891 - The 1891-built historic home of Craig Leonard passes the 1891-completed Wells County Courthouse as tides of history meet during the big house move, drawing thousands of viewers along the 3.5 mile journey.

(Photos courtesy Jim Barbieri, Editor Bluffton News-Banner)

Moving Down Market Street - A "Disney World" setting!

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